The Love Month – A Brand War, Can we Say its a Start?

Dip Shop

Recently in Pakistan we have seen much of the brands have taken start to fight around the social media and make the most use of it by engaging the customers with their sarcastic and creative content on their fan pages.

Initially the fights were started between two big tea (Chayee) Brands which was “Tea wars – Lipton and Tapal battle it out”. This atmosphere took an amazing point on the social media and soon different brands also started doing the same; plus point was that digital agencies were loving the war as the work and profits started increasing with that.

Other brands which were relevant to the products such as to TEA making or serving also started taking advantage of the war. 

Nestle also made an entry with a engaging content on which the audience were more converted into engaging audience which gave a great boost to both the company and brand war promotion in Pakistan.

Brands like Interwood also started engaging with it by bringing both brands color on the their elite table as serving table created a flow of chain on the internet and created huge audience network for itself.

likely this was just an start for the brands to come on to grounds of social media and bring on its marketing geeks to change the landscape of Digital Marketing in Pakistan where as other brands also started competing by introducing or with endorsement of celebrities in:

Coffee Vs Tea

brand wars

This took an another level as the celebrities endorsement and Other Humor based Facebook heroes like (MangoBaaz) also came on with a game to create contents with humor connected to our daily fights of Coffee vs Tea.

Image result for coffee vs chai mangobaaz

And Then it was a Cola Company hitting out against a chai brandRelated image

What I find most amusing in this entire scenario is the fact that coke actually decided to go ahead with this anti-chai campaign in the intensely chai-loving Pakistan.

Well Lipton didn’t just quite there where it came heavy for it and for all the love of Pakistan they gave their best to maintain the KARMA!

For more the brands in Electronics, Clothing, Food and automobiles even started doing such aggressive marketing activities which excited the audience and boosted the fan pages on social media, likely from the past year 2017 it was an amazing year for agencies and companies yet 2018 isn’t gonna go so slow!

The first brand war that came to notice is for the Chocolate day!

One Potato Two Potato (OPTP) took a start by having a noobie start on the Social Media with “OPTP brings you #AsliAaloo Jumbo Chocolate Fries”

Image may contain: food

“Seriously Mayo is good what’s the choco part on FRIES?”

Well I guess they didn’t know what they were up to, so DipShop just helped them!

Image may contain: food

I just loved the choco on the I-C-E-C-R-E-A-M !

Well that’s not only the game that started but audiences were likely discouraging the act on OPTP fan page as:

Brand war optp and Dipshop
Brand war optp and Dipshop

And Then here is the hero for these audiences:

Dip Shop
Dip Shop

This might look funny but its a part where brands are actually acknowledging the Brand Communication and marketing tactics that can gain them myth wins!